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Angel Ernesto Jiménez Bernardino

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Mtro. Angel Ernesto Jiménez Bernardino
Dr. Miguel Agustín Romero Morett
Mtra. Maribel Benitez Mora
Dr. Ricardo Pérez Mora  
Mtro. Bernardo Moreno Orozco y Loza - Preparatoria de Jalisco
Mtro. Salvador Chávez Prado – Preparatoria 9
Mtra. Angélica Hernández Medina – Preparatoria de Jalisco
Mtro. Francisco Javier Del Toro Higareda – EPR la Barca

Mtro. Ernesto Anaya Velasco – Preparatoria 3

Mtro. J. Guadalupe Zaragoza Jiménez – Preparatoria 3

Mtra. Elizabeth Cortés Solórzano – Preparatoria 16

Mtra. Indira Tonatzin González Carrillo – Preparatoria 14

Mtro. Carlos Gabriel Gutiérrez Ramírez – Preparatoria 12 y 5

Mtro. Héctor de Jesús Rivas Pérez – Preparatoria 18

Mtra. Alicia Quiñones Preciado – Preparatoria de Jalisco 

Mtro. Jorge Gilberto Gómez Méndez - EPR de Ahualulco de Mercado
Mtro. Martha Isabel Martínez - EPR de Ahualulco de Mercado
Mtra. Carmen Margarita Castro Aguilar – EPR de Ahualulco de Mercado
Mtro. Juan Carlos Navarro  Bejines – Preparatoria 16

Auspiciada por la Universidad de Guadalajara a través de la Dirección del Sistema de Educación Media Superior, de la Coordinación de Apoyos Académicos.

UNESCO World Philosophy Day, November 21th 2013

Baltic Sea Philosophical Essay Event

The Finnish UNESCO ASPnet, The Finnish Association for Teachers of Philosophy and Philosophy of Life and Societas Philosophica Fennica with the help of the Norwegian High School Philosophical Association organize a philosophical essay event for upper secondary school students. Even if the name of the event is the Baltic Sea Essay Event it is open to all. For example Indian students have participated in the event with great results. This call is therefore for all young philosophers.

The schools that wish to participate in the essay event should order the topics of the essay and further information from the National Board of Education in Finland by no later than October 15th by e-mail: baltic.philosophy@tykografi.com . Schools are receiving the topics October 21th.

The papers should be prompt and concise, approximately one or two pages long, and they should be written in English or in German or French (however, not in the student’s own mother tongue). The participating schools will arrange a monitored two hour event in which the participating students will write their essays.As a general rule, the schools should select at maximum two of the best papers. The written papers should be sent by e-mail to the address above. The deadline for the papers is October 30th 2013.

Philosophically the most illuminating papers will be awarded with readings and possibly other material connected to the given philosophical and world heritage topics. The names of the awarded participants will be announced on November 21th, and the best essays will be published in the internet in the following address: www.feto.fi. Therefore we are also asking the participants for permission to publish their essay.

Pekka Elo & Juha Savolainen

National Board of Education & BSPEE

tel. +358 2 95331050 & tel. 358 40 553 8880 baltic.philosophy@tykografi.com

Baltic Sea-essay competition